miércoles, 4 de enero de 2006


I see the blog thing has become a kind of dialogue within mortals. Very well. I just returned from a trip to the beach, wonderfully charged of energy and I’m not going to give too many details about my Christmas super orgasm but the New Years one.
After eating like pigs and getting drunk like Vikings, the boys and girls decided to go to bed, well, the ones that not were already on coma on the beach chairs anyway.
I’d been checking one guy that was at the party, a friend of a friend of another friend, meaning we didn’t know each other at all. I had crossed ways with him each time we went to the kitchen for more wine.
Anyway, the few couples at the party had already taken by assault the few rooms and there was only one room with not a lot of comfort or privacy. He was there in the living, as sober as me, so there wasn’t the excuse “I did it because I was drunk” all the contrary. We talk about all and nothing and soon we ended talking about pornography, a topic that I know, modestly talking of course. He asked me why I liked this or that and it was starting to get cold. We went to the room and we sat down to share the last cheers of the night, “For the pleasure of meeting a girl that knows more than me about sex”. I started laughing… and told him it wasn’t true and that I was giving him the chance to prove me wrong. And then it all started.
He convinced me not to do a single thing. He did it all. He touched, licked, bit and did it all with such great mastery.
I must admit that there isn’t anything I like the most that laying there on the bed – or standing up against a wall, or laying on my side or any way imaginable and have a man that knows how to do things. Call me lazy, call me passive, call me boring, but I like men who takes command of my body without instructing me to be a vamp or a tigress on bed.
I must admit it too. I had a great time on these festivities.
Why are the best men in my life the ones that I won’t ever see again? Now that I think about it, I don’t remember his name; I think he never told me. Bah! It doesn’t matter now!

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Anónimo dijo...

niemand hat etwas gesagt!! und hast du daran gedacht? ich denke nicht.
Du musst immer daran denken dass ihre publikum nur ein tiefes niveau von ausbildung haben.


ask your arriolas, and find out who has read this area of your blog and if somebody could understand it , why they did not posted something? sorry but I think your blog is just comparable with these 0.50 newspapers.

y yo prefiero leer la republica o el comercio jajajajajjaa
saludos y hasta la proxima, tendras que cerrar los comentarios para que deje de joderte.

pero tienes algo a favor , ya perdi 20 minutos contigo.

AleSam dijo...

estimado anónimo,
los arriolas de verdad, saben que mi blog tuvo que ser publicado desde el inicio, post by post, porque... hubo un lapsus cuando se creó una cuenta del gmail (qué no has leído el sidebar?)
me parece perfecto que puedas entender el inglés pero veo que escribes con algunos errores igual que yo...supongo que tu alemán si es perfecto. Te envidio, es una lengua que me encantaría aprender, solo tengo conocimiento de algunas palabras :(
gracias por tu tiempo dedicado a leer mi blog y si la única forma que tienes de llamar la atención es mediante estos comentarios, se agradece, despues de todo, eres un lector más.

Anónimo dijo...

si quisiera llamar la atencion de tus seguidores, publicaria algo en las paginas mas actuales no? como te digo solo pase a dar un "biste"
y si lo hice aqui, fue solo para que tu lo leas.

Disculpame por no haber leido eso del lapsus, es q la verdad creo q lei solo 2 o 3 posts.

te prometo que voy a leer un poco mas para tratar de entender algo ok?